Golden Light

6月のパリの日差しは、強く眩しく衝撃的でした。帰国早々圭一朗はその記憶を元にアトリエの窓から差し込む光が最もパリの日差しを感じさせる時間帯に、金屏風を背景に蓮を花器にいけ、このシリーズの撮影を行いました。本作品は光と影の強いコントラストから生み出される「動き」 や「切れ」を意識し、黄金の明かりの「艶やかで力強い美しさ」を主題としています。

The Parisian sunlight in June was strong, glaring, and impactful. Upon returning to Japan, at once, while the light shining in through the window of my atelier still generated a feeling as similar to the Parisian sunlight as possible, based on my fresh memory of it, He arranged flowers and produced the series of photographs. The series involves the presentation of lotuses while keeping in mind the notions of “moving” and “cutting off”, which arise out of the strong contrast between light and shadow, and focuses on “shiny, strong beauty”, which represents an aspect of the golden light.

This work received 1st place, Professional Nature/Flowers at the IPA(International Photography Awards) 2017.

Exhibition in Paris 2017
Galerie Marie-Robin in Paris

Golden Light #001

Golden Light #002

Golden Light #003

Golden Light #004

Golden Light #005

Golden Light #006

Golden Light #007

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